I feel passionately that I was put on this planet to spread love in a far reaching way.  In the service of this, LOVE WARRIORS was formed.  It is my calling to unite people to share and to grow together towards a unified vision of a peaceful and inspired cohabitation on our planet.

A Vision Appeared to Me:

You are standing in an outdoor amphitheater with millions of warriors, beneath a sky full of starlight. At the podium, is your heart, all eyes upon it. These warriors are not your friends, nor are they your enemies. They are not your family. They are not your past lovers. They are all different manifestations of you, at various times in your life.

One rises up, “Heart, what would love do now?”
Heart says “Love would go out for pizza.”
“Okay, what would fear do now?”
“Fear would stay in and hide.”

Another rises up, “Heart, what would love do now?”
Heart says, “Love would close this door.”
“What would fear do now?”
“Fear would keep the un-satisfying job.”

Another rises up, “Heart, what would love do now?”
Heart says, “Love would drop everything, fall on the ground in desperate tears and pound upon the earth with raging fists.”
“What would fear do now?”
“Fear would go get a drink.”

Your job as a Love Warrior is simple. Keep your heart at the podium and ask these questions of it continuously. You will do your best to choose love over fear in each situation. Make no mistake, you will get to know your fears as well. You will grab a hold of them in your palm and roll them around it’s crevises until you know every surface, every texture, every apparent fault. You will know these fears like you will know the reflection of your own face in the mighty river of your life.

As Love Warriors we will practice TAOLK’s (Targeted Acts of Loving Kindness.) You are encouraged to practice all of them weekly.

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