I like to simplify things down in order to teach from the ground up. I find that doing it this way ensures that everyone is on the same page and that we can all begin from a solid foundation of knowledge.  The Love Warriors diagram is a paradigm, a perspective from which a person might choose to view and approach the world.  The concepts and practices portrayed in this diagram are those that I have found to be especially useful.


Two emotions.  All other emotions are subcategories of these two.


The Two Vital Questions: “What would love do?” and “What would fear do?”  When faced with a decision that you are having trouble navigating, I propose that you begin the practice of asking yourself these two questions.  I find it useful to journal your answers, but this practice can be done in your head.

Meditation: The meditation that I propose is simple.  To do this meditation, you will sit or lay in a quiet space with the intention to meditate for a certain amount of time.  You may set a timer for yourself if this is useful.  I think that 10-20 minutes is a great place to start.  As you sit, your intention is to watch your thoughts and label them.  With each thought, you will instinctually give the thought a label: “love” “fear” “past” “future”.

With practice, this meditation serves to enhance the ability to identify thought patterns and patterns of behavior that aren’t serving us.  Once you are able to see those patterns clearly, it becomes easier and easier to chose your thoughts.  Rather than a brain whose thoughts are in control, you are actually gifted with the ability to chose more useful thoughts and behaviors.   This is the most powerful and transformative practice that I have ever encountered.



A TAOLK is a targeted act of loving kindness, similar to a ROAK, a random act of kindness.  I have expanded on the concept of the ROAK, because I felt a desire to see people pursue courage in the face of their fears in a way that hits four key demographics:

  1. Self love act that requires bravery to face a fear.
  2. Close personal relationship act that also requires bravery to face a fear.
  3. An act of kindness toward someone that you don’t know personally that requires bravery to face a fear.
  4. An act of love that grounds and connects you with the earth.

Avoidance of fears allows those fears to control the outcomes of our lives.  Do we really want fear to be the navigator?  The practice of using TAOLKs is useful on a variety of levels, from overcoming obstacles on a personal level to overcoming larger, broader issues that face our planet.




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